Friday, January 11, 2013

Round Robin

Round Robin 126cm X 180cm


Strips for this Round Robin Quilt were made by Michiko Sasaki (rows 1 & 3), Akiko Haga (row 5) and Keiko Suzuki (row 4). I made the basket row (2), put it together in a strippy format and hand quilted it.

Round Robins are a great way to remember old friends. I've done four round robins now and only one has been in the traditional 'borders around a square' design. I always say that I'm doing my last one, but I've just started ANOTHER one with a group of quilters I knew when we all lived in Singapore. This one is with 12" crazy quilt blocks.

I'll work on posting the other round robins I've done, maybe inspire your group to do their own.

Close up of the back, showing the hand quilting

Close up of the basket row, sideways!


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  1. This is such a lovely quilt. The fabric choices and colors are all my favorites. The border fabric is really spectacular. What a great way to share time and talent with others.