Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dresden Plates

Dresden Plates, 46"X54", Sue Hunt 2017

Please refer to my shop SuQuilt at for the pattern for this quilt, available for purchase.
This sweet little quilt was started at a fun quilt retreat I attended in Texas. I purchased the floral fabrics on a trip to London in the Spring and paired them with a collection of dotty fabrics. The alternate blocks are redrafted from one I saw somewhere. I was very limited on floral fabrics, so pieced and pieced and pieced with every scrap I had (some from the cut out backs of the appliqued plates). I'm glad I like scrappy quilts!

The pattern at has all the details along with templates. Here, find hints to make the quilt easier in case you are more of a beginner quilter.

Supplies: buy the amount listed, don't do like I did and worry about how much you have. If you don't like scrappy, then buy larger amounts of fewer fabrics. If you do like scrappy, then go through your fabrics first before heading to the fabric store.
Template plastic: you'll need a 3" X 3" piece. Freezer paper: you'll need a piece 4" X 6". The circle centers can be reused.

Draw around templates on the back side of fabric. The corners are the most important to mark. Cut 1/4" away from drawn lines. 

Mark dots on piece A from the bottom of template B.
 Pin right sides together, matching top corners and bottom corner B with dot on A. Sew from the top and back stitch at the bottom corner.
 Press seam open.
 Sew in pairs, then sew pairs together.
 Press under seam allowances on ends. For piece A, fold corners diagonally, then fold over sides.
 Make a neat corner to applique later.


 Hand appliqued method. Cut out the back after applique especially if hand quilting is in the plans.

X Blocks: 
How to press X block

Hint: I usually cut the outside border wider than I anticipate the finished size to be. After quilting (especially hand quilting) the outside edges are usually frayed and the quilt might not be 'square' any more. The extra on the border can then be trimmed to make everything right again. On the pattern the outer border is cut 1 1/2", but if you'd like to cut it 2", this will give you some room to trim in the end.
Mitered and pieced corners
 I hope these pictures and further explanations help in putting the quilt together. Contact me if you have more questions.