Saturday, October 27, 2012

Laptop Bag

Off to Houston I go....

I finally made a bag for my laptop. I used some scraps (a Waverly print) leftover from a chair recovering project. I had everything I needed for the project at home already (I have too much stuff.) There is a little pocket inside to hold business cards. I used fusible midweight interfacing and fusible Pellon batting inside the layers. Seems stiff enough and padded enough.
Used an old button on top of the velcro

I didn't use a pattern, just figured it out as I went and made it to fit my rather large laptop. Of course there are lots of patterns available to make your own.


  1. I'm really liking this! Perhaps you could consider doing up a pattern, or a tutorial. It's my favorite, so far!

  2. Thanks. I just sort of measured my laptop and made accordingly. I figured there were lots of patterns out there, so didn't want to do one my self. You could probably adapt one for yourself. I think its all in the fabric choices anyway!