Friday, October 21, 2011

New Fabric Postcards

Here are a couple of fabric postcards I recently did. I mailed them from a new post office (new to me). The man who helped me was very impressed. I always have to ‘train’ the people at the post office, but once they figure out that I seriously want them to go through the mail with no envelope they’re ok with it. This guy wasn’t sure the stamps would stick; I’m hoping they will too. I’ve had some interesting experiences mailing them from Japan and China. I ended up finding one post office and usually one specific person who would mail them for me. In China I had to travel over an hour to get to this specific post office!
Well anyway I do enjoy making and receiving the fabric postcards. I guess I should start working on my Christmas ones!
I usually don’t start with any plan, I’ll just get out a collection of fabrics that mostly go together and from there ideas will come. I do always draw out the rectangle 10.5cm X 15cm (which is close to 4” X 6”), then may sketch a little to get the designs that will fit. It also works for me to make more than one at a time of the same or similar design. Goes quicker that way and I often send them to people who don’t know each other, so they don’t know they aren’t getting a one of a kind (until now).
Send me pictures of your fabric postcards.

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