Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Post Cards

One of my favorite quick things to make are fabric post cards. Here is a picture of some I made a couple of years ago and sent to friends. They are a great way to use those fun Halloween prints (an excuse to buy more and use some of your stash). Once you get started it’s hard to stop! It’s not too late to get some made and in the mail. If you need help making them try Googling ‘fabric post cards’. Lots of sites have how to info and there are also some books available. If you have any specific questions, write me and I’ll try to answer. I’ve taught post card making classes several times and could probably find my instruction sheet to send to you.

If you’d like to buy some, I do have an Etsy site:

The post cards I have for sale are all made with old Japanese fabrics and my sashiko. No holiday themed ones are available right now. Please have a look!

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