Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First attempt

Hello, I’m Sue Hunt and this is my first attempt at blogging. Why, you ask? Well I’ve been living on planet China for the past 3 years and the government there has deemed blogging to not be good for its citizens. There were ways around it, but rumor was many of them carried viruses.
So, now I’m moving from China to the good old USA, Seattle to be exact. I’ve lived outside the US for 10 years, first in Singapore, then Japan and lastly China. I’ll mention more about travels and living in those Asian countries later.
My favorite thing to do is to quilt. I’ve been a quilter since 1983, so have made and seen and dreamed of a lot of quilts. Most of my friends are quilters of course including my parents. My father is a ‘famous’ quilter having made The Supper Quilt (see  My mom started us all off by taking a quilt class from a local shop, then quickly getting me hooked. Dad took longer, for years I heard him say ‘why don’t you make a quilt like that’, when he saw an interesting tile design on a floor or a quilt in a show or magazine. Mom’s answer was always ‘make it yourself’. So he finally did.
While in China I published a quilt book called House Party Coordinated Quilts and Pillows, published by Martingale & Company/That Patchwork Place in 2010. Please take a look at it at:
Now I’m awaiting closing on my ‘new’ house in Seattle. It’s a small 1922 ‘Bungalow’. So I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities to learn how to fix things. My quilts are all on their sea cruise across the Pacific Ocean. I look forward to seeing them, my fabric and my Bernina!

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